"Aliamos" means "we (the world) unite" and "become allies". Drawn from the Spanish and Portuguese languages it presents the vision of Aliamos in a single word and reflects the influence of the South American cultures from which the foundations of the Aliamos initiative emerged.


Aliamos is a volunteer-run charity that connects people who want to give their time or money to small environmentally and socially sustainable community projects in developing communities.


100% of donations go directly to fund community projects in developing countries.

How Aliamos makes a difference

  • Supported over 7000 children to grow, cook and eat a school lunch in Uganda
  • Enabled 700 childrenin rural Uganda to have clean water to drink
  • Equipped 20 widows in Uganda with breeding pigs and cows for micro-gifting and economic empowerment
  • Trained a village in Northern Thailand in growing organic vegetables and buffalo breeding to deliver economic empowerment and help prevent the need to traffic children
  • Provided clean fresh drinking water to 150 indigenous peoples adjacent to Madidi National Park, Bolivia
  • Constructed a Health Care centre in a remote farming community in Uganda where people are dying of preventable diseases
  • Provided conflict resolution and permaculture training for ex-child soldiers in a Liberian refugee camp in Ghana

Want to get involved?

Aliamos exists completely thanks to volunteers who are committed to making a difference to humanity and are willing to take action in empowering others towards a world of unity, compassion and peace. More ...

"Aliamos has demonstrated a profound and committed approach to providing sustainable solutions to address poverty in Uganda. It has been an absolute privilege to work in partnership with Aliamos and provide development opportunities to communities and also to the student volunteers who aspire to be a contribution in the sustainable development of Uganda." - David Ssemwogerere Development Plus In country volunteer project co-ordinator for the growing futures Uganda Program.

" Aliamos is an action organisation. In partnership with the local communities they create sustainable and empowering projects which cut right to the heart of issues contributing to the poverty of these communities. The impact of these projects will be lasting and will leave the communities self-sufficient." - John Curtis President of The Grey Man (partner organisation)

"We have appreciated the organic farming project which was initiated in the Lubanda primary school, we have benefited from learning organic farming practises. The neighbouring schools also benefit from the project as we continue to educating pupils in the community and the district. " - Ssebitosi Isaac, Agriculture Teacher of Lubanda Primary School